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The jet Handmade Fulmine Black helmet is entirely hand-painted with a special paint that gives a “worn” effect. Made on a matte black base, what sets this helmet apart is the addition of a white and blue lightning bolt that runs across the entire central part of the shell. The jet Handmade Fulmine Black helmet guarantees comfort, lightness and compactness when riding, typical qualities of a DMD jet helmet.

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Product Features

The jet Handmade Fulmine Black helmet guarantees maximum safety against possible impacts thanks to its shell made of Carbon Kevlar. It has three shells to ensure maximum comfort. It is very durable while also being lightweight: an essential feature for motorcycle riders. It features buttons integrated on the shell to allow you to mount visors. The interior is fully removable and washable. The strap has a double ring closure to ensure total safety. It comes complete with ECE approval.
Helmet weight: 900 gr +/- 50

How to clean the helmet

The jet Handmade Fulmine Black helmet is made of materials that could be damaged if cleaned with common solvents on the market. Therefore, we recommend using a sponge or cloth and moistening the surface of the shell with warm water and mild soap.
Let it dry at room temperature, without exposing it to overly aggressive heat sources, so as not to damage the shell, interior and the EPS.
To clean the interior of the helmet, on the other hand, we recommend hand washing, dabbing with a washcloth. Allow to dry at room temperature.

Key features

Electric: a graphic design that gives this model a gritty character.
Safe and protective: it absorbs shocks, cushioning even the most violent blows. Both exterior and interior materials are made with this intent.

  1. Is the helmet approved? The helmet has European ECE approval.
  2. Do the visors shield from wind and rain? It depends on the model chosen. For maximum coverage, the best choice is a long visor that covers up to the chin.
  3. What accessories can I match it with? You can choose from accessories designed for jet helmets by consulting the relevant section (link to vintage accessories)
  4. Does the helmet give a “big head” effect? Absolutely not. One of the strengths of our helmets is their compact size.
  5. Is it possible to mount an intercom? No, the helmet does not provide a slot to mount an intercom.

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