passion dmd helmet DMD is a family-owned motorcycle helmet company based in Bergamo, Italy.
Known all over the world for their vintage style helmets that feature modern materials and comfort to the latest safety standards, today DMD is recognized as a design company that develops innovative products meeting any biker needs.

Quality, attention to details and craftsmanship mixed with a unique Italian taste: this is DMD.

Amilcare, an enduro rider who in 1975, during a trip to the United States, decided to start a new business: importing and distributing motorcycle products.

A story that begins a long time ago, not in Bergamo but in California.

Why in California?
Because there, yesterday as today, new ideas used to be brought to life.

Later with the birth of his three sons, Davide, Michela and Danila, they decided to develop their own helmet brand: DMD

DMD is the acronym of the name of three siblings.
DMD is everything, it encloses all my life. I have combined work, family and great passion, so it's an amazing cocktail”

When DMD was created it was inspired by a magical era of great innovative ideas, the mythical 70s.
Today DMD is the market leader in the Vintage helmet business because it found the way to improve the original 70's shell design, adding two key principles: safety and design.
“DMD is creativity respecting the tradition.”

Safety always comes first while designing and assembling a helmet and it is tested before putting it on the market.
Surely the best way to try a product like a helmet is travelling and wearing it for several hours and in different weather conditions.
Testing the product allows the company to see the improvements that can be made.
“DMD represents my desire to live free and, indeed, one of our mottos is “Stay Wild”.”

DMD is the result of many personalities and cultures that, combined with a touch of madness, allow the company to develop cool products and concepts.

After anticipating the retro, café racer and scrambler trend, DMD is always looking for new ideas, attending most of the motorcycle events in Europe and worldwide.
“To me DMD is trying to be always one step ahead.”
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